let us do the
'dirty work'

  • Claims and dispute management
  • Full statements and transparency
  • Retroactive collections
  • Online client portal
  • Check global airplay lists
  • Dedicated personal service

Our mission is to ensure that rights owners receive the royalties they are entitled to. Our services help our clients to manage their catalogues and maximize their earnings. By taking care of all of the administration relating to our clients’ neighbouring rights, we enable them to focus on their core business while we get on with the ‘dirty work’. We work for a predetermined commission rate, based on a percentage of the royalties collected.

Claims and dispute management

We actively monitor and resolve all issues and/or disputes in the event of any tracks being claimed by other parties. Once revenues have been received, we diligently analyze all payments, statements and invoices to make sure nothing is missed.

Full statements and transparency

We believe that transparency is a cornerstone of any successful business relationship. We are clear, upfront and honest about our company fees so that there are no hidden costs. Our clients have easy access to clear and comprehensible specifications, which include all costs, VAT and the amounts received.

Retroactive collections

Depending on each individual society’s expiration period, repertoire needs to be claimed within a specific timeframe. We have developed a customized analysis tool for detecting any missing income for our clients’ repertoire. This allows us to collect any accumulated income on a retroactive basis and ensure that no revenues are lost.

Online client portal

We offer our clients a modern online platform that contains a simple and efficient overview of the whole repertoire and the collections made. The platform includes a customized dashboard, track specifications, dispute information, airplay analyses and much more.

Check global airplay lists

Global Master Rights has developed an intelligent tracking system, which is used to scan performance data from various countries around the world. Using this tool, we can proactively identify our clients’ repertoire and make sure that all income is properly collected.

Dedicated personal service

We’re experienced, we’re flexible and we’re fast. We are convinced that achieving optimal results comes down to knowledge, reliability and dedication. We aim to build up long-term relationships with our clients and to provide a high level of personal service.